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What Is Express Entry Pool

Express Entry is the program through which the highest number of newcomers will qualify to live in Canada each year. It is a new latest panel under which the Canadian Immigration Department grants Canada permanent resident status to skilled professionals/workers based on their ability to settle in Canada and their possible contribution to the Canadian economy. 

This online application system allows candidates to enter a pool and then sends an invitation to apply for ITA to eligible candidates for application submission of a Canada Permanent Residency Visa.

How Express Entry Choose People For PR?

It’s a pool or group of people where everyone gets ranked according to their points, points which are based on 6 different factors. You Qualify for express entry, if you meet the eligibility criteria for the skilled worker program.

Your Express Entry profile points based on:

Why to Choose Canadian Permanent Residence?

Immigrate have right to live, work, and study anywhere within Canada.

● When you are a foreigner and have a temporary resident, take the necessary steps toward becoming a permanent resident in Canada, or file your permanent residency application directly from your country.

● Get security under Canadian law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

● Foreigners get the facility to leave and enter Canada’s borders using their Canadian permanent resident card, or permanent resident travel documents (PRTD).

● Furnish through an agreement between Canada and dozens of countries, it allows you to work or simply stay and travel.

● Experts permit you to work with a designated employer who has offered you a job; the associated procedure is simpler than the temporary foreign worker permit.

● Acquire most social benefits Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage, Child care, Child education, pension scheme, financial assistance, etc.

● Short-term foreign worker permit: is a standard permit for working with a designated employer who has made you a job offer.

● For permanent residents, you have to apply for your permanent resident card. This gives access to almost all the same rights as Canadians, except the right to vote.

● After living in Canada for three years, you can apply for your citizenship.

If you have any education completed in Canada then also you may get some points.

● When you submit your all documents, then your application will be ranked according to your points. Pool will issue a rank to you, on behalf of your points.

● If you get high points then you will be rewarded as a direct entry in the express entry pool You will get ITA(Invitation To Apply) in which you will directly land in Canada in any state of your choice within six months.

● If you cannot get a high rank, Then your profile will come under PNP(Province nominee program) under which 8 states can pick your profile according to their requirement.

● In PNP you have to follow the state’s rules and regulations to get Permanent residence in Canada. Different states have different criteria for selecting your profile.


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