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FSWP (Federal Skilled Working program)

FSWP has been introduced specially for people who have the skills & the experience that the country needs. The main motive of FSWP is to help highly skilled workers relocate to Canada and to close the current gap in the labour market that the country is currently facing. 

With the fast decline in birth rate, earlier retirement age, and a general lack of local skilled workers to fill positions at the rapid rate of job creation, Canada has had to implement certain strategies that are not only beneficial to employers but the employees themselves.

You would need to meet 6 general factors for FSWP to be considered eligible, including language, education, work experience, age, employment, and adaptability. These major 6 factors are part of a 100-point grid used to assess eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The current pass mark is 67 points.

Eligibility Requirements - Federal Skilled Worker Class

Factor 1: Education - maximum of 25 points

You are required to have at least a secondary (high school) diploma from a foreign or Canadian institution. If you have more educational degrees/diplomas then the more points you will get. Applicants must have the following educational qualifications:

For post-secondary degrees/diplomas of two or more Certificate of which one must be for a program minimum 3 years or more- 22 points

Factor 2: Language ability for English and French - maximum of 28 points

Students must have command over proficiency in English, French, or both languages. For this candidates must provide test results from the following language test providers on their Express Entry profile BEFORE they can apply for a visa.

Candidates are tested on 4 language components: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Students must meet at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 in all 4 components of the language test for their ‘first official language’ (English or French) for a maximum of 24 points. They can also be awarded another 4 points if they achieve CLB level 5 in their ‘second official language’.

Factor 3: Work experience - maximum of 15 points

  • FSWP students must have significant work experience in a skilled role.

  • Get sure that your work experience matches that stated in the NOC. It did not acquire to meet the “employment requirements” section of the particular job listed on NOC.

  • If you want to look at several different occupations to find one that matches your work experience. When your profession does not come under skill level O, A or B or your experience did not occur in the last ten years your application will be refused.

Factor 4: Age - maximum of 12 points

You get your points score which is calculated on your age on the date your application is received.

Factor 5: Arranged employment –a maximum of 10 points

If you already have a job offer in Canada then you will get 10 points in the Canada immigration points system, or if you are already working in the country. The occupation must be full time and permanent, meaning seasonal work is excluded and must be listed as Skill Type 0, Skill Level A, or Skill Level B on Canada’s National Occupation Classification list.

Presently, if you are working in Canada on a temporary work permit:

Factor 6: Adaptability (maximum 10 points)

Your spouse/partner can obtain a maximum of 10 points based on any combination of the elements listed below:


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