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Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa a document used to get a permit to stay in a Foreign country for some limited period.

Tourist visa is used by the people to explore a foreign country 

You can not do any kind of business transaction or job while you are in a tourist visa. Tourist visa is for a limited period of time.

Many students use tourist visa so they can find that whether that country is good for there education or they can survive there in future.

Tourist visa is of different type and procedure, depending on different countries.

Tourist visa allows the holder to visit a country only for touring the country, sightseeing, enjoy the weather, explore the location, you can say tourist visa is used only for vacation or to do the fun-based activity.

The Multinational Immigration covered these countries for Tourist Visa.

 Shawn in Table of student visa.

Required Documents For Tourist visa

Different Countries have different policy and procedure to issue Tourist visa to there citizens. There are an example of some major countries


Well, Canada is the most preferred choice for any person to visit. It is famous for its education, living quality, economic growth, unlimited sightseeing, culture and its amazing landscape of northern Canada, it attracts people all across the world to visit Canada.

Canada has 10 provinces with three territories, each province is famous for its culture and sightseeing.

Documents Required For Canadian Tourist visa.

Your original passport

Bank statement with a minimum of six months of the transaction.

Financial statement that you have enough money to survive there.

Some Important Notes

Candidate should not have any criminal record

candidate can not go to Canada for searching jobs

A letter of invitation from your relatives is must, if you are planning to stay with them.

Should have enough funds to support themselves and their family at the entire period of visit


Tourist who are looking for a great adventure, silent beaches, unique seafood, wine and music with different island and their culture to connect than Australia would be a good choice to visit for a tourist visa.

Documents Required For Australia Tourist Visa

Original Passport with validity of Six Months

Bank statement of the Last Three Years

The Multinational Immigration will help our clients for the process of documentation and our team expert will guide you which country would be easy for you to get any kind of visa.

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